— What about your shopping yesterday? Did you buy many things?
— Oh no, I only bought some things for dinner, and a few other small things and I spent five hours in shops.
— What did you buy?
— I went to the butcher’s and I bought two pounds of meat.
— Where did you go then?
— Then I went to the grocer’s and I bought some sugar and salt.
— Did you go anywhere else?
— I went to the chemist’s to get some medicine.
— I see. Was that all?
— Yes, that was almost all.
— You say, almost, what else did you buy?
— A few small things. I told you, didn’t I.
— What were these small things?
— Clothes. I bought a dress, a blouse, a skirt, a pair of shoes, a pair of stockings and a hat.
— I see. And you spent only 5 hours on shopping. Did you really? I can’t believe it.