Shopping for a Sweater


Shop assistant: May I help you?
Customer: Yes, I’m looking for a sweater.

Shop assistant: What size are you?
Customer: I’m an extra large.

Shop assistant: Would you like a plain sweater or something else?​
Customer: I’m looking for a plain blue sweater.

Shop assistant: How about this one?
Customer: Yes, that’s nice. Could I try it on?

Shop assistant: Certainly, the changing rooms are over there.
Customer: Thank you. (goes into a changing room to try on the sweater)

Shop assistant: How does it fit?
Customer: It’s too large. Do you have a large?

Shop assistant: Yes, here you are. Would you like to try it on to see if it fits?
Customer: No that’s Okay. Thank you. I’ll take it. I’m also looking for some nice slacks.

Shop assistant: Great. We have some very nice wool slacks over here. Would you like to take a look?
Customer: Yes, thanks for your help.

Shop assistant: What are your measurements?
Customer: I’m a 38” waist and a 32″ inseam.

Shop assistant: What do you think about these?
Customer: They’re nice, but I’d prefer cotton trousers if you have them.

Shop assistant: Certainly, our summer slacks collection is over here. How about these?
Customer: Yes, I like those. Do you have them in grey as well?

Shop assistant: Yes, here’s a pair. You said you the measurements are 38″ by 32″, didn’t you?
Customer: Yes, that’s correct. I’ll go try them on.

Shop assistant: Let me know if you need any help.​
Customer: Thank you. (comes back) These are great. So, that makes one sweater and a pair of grey slacks.

Shop assistant: ​OK, how would you like to pay?
Customer: Do you take credit cards?

Shop assistant: Yes, we do. Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
Customer: OK, here’s my Visa.

Shop assistant: Thank you. Have a nice day!
Customer: Thank you, goodbye.


Could / May I help you?
Could I try it (them) on?
How does it fit?
How would you like to pay?
I’m looking for…
I’d prefer…


Changing room
Size — extra small, small, medium, large, extra large
Measurements — specific measurements for trousers, suits, etc.
Shop assistant / store clerk
Trousers / Slacks / Pants
Credit cards

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