Woman you can change my world
I’m chained to the fears
Inside these walls
The silence talks loud
‘bout the things I recall
Through the bricks in the window
I scream at the world
But when no one is listening
It’s hard to be heard

Woman you can change my world
Woman there’ll be no return
I see shadows
Coming through the walls
I hear voices
But no one’s talking at all
I can feel the madness
Crawling up my spine
Reachin’ out
To grab your mind

Woman come and change my world
(Do you remember all those fears?)
They won’t leave me alone
(Do you remember all those tears?)
I pretend to be strong
(Do you remember all the pain?)
I’m getting tired of the game
I cannot live I cannot die
I wanna know who the hell am I

You’ve never seen me
But I know you so well
And before it kills me
I gotta break the spell
The deeper we touch
The higher we’ll go
The time has come
To heal my soul